Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 2: Ashfall Fossil Beds and LOTS of driving...

The storm last night was INTENSE! We woke up this morning, cooked a nice warm breakfast of oatmeal and re-packed the vans for our drive down to Ashfall Fossil Beds.  It is a really unique place where the students can take a look at what Nebraska looked like 10 million years ago.  Here is a link to their website:

 Each of the students will write a little something about their experiences each and enjoy! ~Mr. Perez

The ride has been long but we have had tons of fun listening to oldie's music in Packard's van! Brashley (Bryan and I) have been a force to reckon with, singing loudly and being amazed at the sites. The fossils were interesting today, it's like they told a story of their own. The Badlands are amazing! I can't wait to see them in full force rather than the teasers we keep getting. Hope we don't get hit by another storm! Last night's was super scary!! I'm glad the driving is over now and I am sure ready to get out there and explore. ~Ashley Willis

Well the rides were entertaining in Perez's van. The first night was really scary. It started to rain and then it was thundering and lightning. Everyone started to freak out, Lizzy, Andie, and Chelseas tent was coming up from the ground and water was getting in almost every ones tent. I was scared, but today was exciting. Tomorrow we start covering the badlands and all they have to hold.~Emilee Sandberg

So we drove and stopped an drove and stop and then we drove and stopped. lol. We got to our camp last night about my bedtime and then ate an hour later. I was tired. We drove again to Ashfall Fossil Beds. That was neat and I made sure to get a lot of pictures of that. Then we drove and then stopped. Then (guess what) we drove and stopped. Then we made it to the Badlands. The scenery is so beautiful and more than that. We are camping here tonight and I am ready for bed like three hours ago. Its okay though the things I see make it worth it. The driving isn't too bad either its kinda entertaining. Okay well I'm going to go to bed now because i am cold. Love You Lots ~Robyn Capps~

Holy Cow!!! What a storm... we survived it, and became stronger because of it.  Made a double clothes line to help dry things  out in the morning.  Great group of students. Learning alot....using an "old fashion" can opener, grilling hamburgers, working together as a team to construct our 20' canopy that Perez created for us....keeping us dry and allowing us to cook and eat if it rains.  Dinner was good, realy good. Italian sausage, meatballs and spaghetti with garlic bread.  Our bellies are full, a nice warm shower and hopefully a peaceful night with no storms or clasped tents.  Looking forward to exploring the Badlands tomorrow.  This is my 4th trip and seeing amazement on the students faces is think that places so breath-taking are in this great country.  ~ Mary Packard

Another long day of driving, but we've finally arrived in the Badlands! We stopped to get a quick look, but it was much too cold to stay out of the vans very long. (It's still pretty chilly right now too!) No worries, we'll get plenty of time to see the Badlands over the next couple days.. It's rained quite a bit, but that hasn't stopped us yet! ~ Heidi L. Warlop

My first night camping with everyone, it started raining at night. Lizzy, Andie, and I were in a tent together and it starts raining really hard and lighting, with some thunder. Our tent started to blow away and we were holding it up. Finally, the rain stopped and lizzy and andie slept in one van and i was in another.
The second day, long driving with lots of fun.   ~Chelsea Baker

Woke up on day 2 and helped make what turned out to be amazing oatmeal which i topped with cinnamon and brown sugar!! Then we cleaned packed up and hit the road. Nice that everyday we have alittle less to pack as we consume food. Picking up some later this week though. Ashfalls was spectacular. Even the drive there was filled with scenery which entailed rolling hills all the way to the badlands. The fossil beds were filled with all kinds no so foreign animals such as rhinos and dear. Then we got to the badlands.... Nothing could prepare you, not even pictures. It is simply incredible and just and wonderful sight. Glad we are exploring them up close tomorrow. Will be taking more pictures and maybe a few will make it to the blog. P.rez is rushing me off so GOODNIGHT!    ~Bryan Stebbins

Each time we do this it gets better and better.  Everyone is having a great time and I appreciate all the hard work everyone is doing.  They deserve a good nights rest.  Tomorrow will be filled with lots of fun and interesting things to see.  The only thing I wish was a bit different would be the rain!!! So far it has rained both days.  We are ready for some sunshine!  ~Stuart Perez

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