Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 4: Badlands and More...

Today we visited the Minute Man Missile Site - Delta 1 lanunce facility.  We learned a little bit about Cold War weapons and what was involved with running the facility.  From there we drove in to Wall, South Dakota and had a blast looking around Wall Drug.  We left Wall and drove down to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and learned about the Lakota and their regional history. ~Mr. Perez

As the trip progresses, the learning experiences we encounter become better and better. The beauty and history that surrounds this part of the country is simply mind boggling. There are no words to describe it, except that it far outreaches anything Kansas has to offer. I absolutely love it. -Derek Scholes

My favorite part of the day was the journey to the Lakota reservation. Their history is one all too forgotten. It's a tragic tale set here in the Badlands involving characters transcending our history as a nation. I encourage anyone reading to probe into the story of the Lakota tribe and find what I regard as one of the most commonly overlooked American tragedies. #Good_Times ~Jake Letner

Today we had to wake up early to go to a missile site which i thought was the coolest part of the day because i like learning about new things and that was definately a new thing! they talked about how America was scared of the Russians bombing us so we had big nuclear missiles ready to take off at any moment if needed.  We got to see where they would send the message to shoot it off and also where the actual missile was. after that we went to Wall Drug was just a huge block full of shopping stores with the most random stuff ever! then we went to eat lunch then went to the indian reservation which was really cool. i liked hearing about what all they used buffalo parts for to make. Like, they used the bladder of the bison for a water bottle/canteen.  after that we went to the college then on a hike which i thought was really fun. Now off to mount rushmore tomorrow! -Lizzy Willis! <3

So today we were quite busy. We were out all day. For breakfast we had cereal due to the fact we had to be out of camp by 8:15. The missile site was really interesting, I learned a lot of new stuff. It's really scary to put yourself back in that time, and think about what they lived through everyday. The missile we saw was absolutely uge, I never knew it could be that big. After that we made our trip to Wall Drug and did my favorite thing ever, SHOPPED!! It had a vey nice feel to the whole place. I bought many items. The indian reservation was very intriguing as well as saddening. I learned a lot about the Lakota people and how they live now. My favorite part of the whole day was the hiking. I could probably hike through the badlands everyday. I even found a fossil. Everytime we head out to the badlands and explore someone finds something new. There are so many amazing things here, I wish we stayed here all week. Well time for laundry then bed! Wish me luck to survive the week!! <3 Andie Casper

Today, we went to the missile sillo, wall drug, and hike. The wall drug was pretty cool. I like how some things were actually cheap.  The hike was my favorite.  We hiked toward the end of the day, so the sun was setting. We  found fossils, and we weren't even looking for them. Today, was fun, but tomorrow will even better.  ~ Chelsea Baker

Not much to say tonight. I'm tired and ready for bed. I learned what the laundry room looks like. I had a busy day and did what everybody else did except the hike. I came back to camp, showered, cooked, and went to sleep.  think i might be getting sick with because of how much I have been sleeping. I know I'm starting to get homesick. I love and miss you all! I hope to see you soon. *~ Robyn Capps ~*

Busy day today! I'm sure everyone else has already told you what we've done. I would pick a favorite part, but I simply loved it all! Wall Drug was really interesting. I don't know much of the history behind that cute place (and I'd like to!), but I enjoyed looking at all the old fashioned things/shopping. The evening hike was also amazing.. So relaxing and surreal to be our in nature like that. The sun was setting at the end of our hike, which was a picture perfect end to our day. ~ Heidi L. Warlop

Sunset hike, never hiked in the early evening.  It was beautiful! A bit of history and culture today.  A  bit of van time, but fun.  We have a "Strange Magic" or chemistry that really works.  ~ Mary Packard

Today tested the knowledge of my history, seeing as we talked both about the Cold War and the massacre at Wounded Knee. I loved getting to see some of the attractions around this area. Wall Drug was very fun and interesting, it reminded me of the stores and shops at Silver Dollar City. The hike was my favorite part, because this land is absolutely unbelievable. I wanted to stop every 5 seconds and just look around and take in the scenery! It's so amazing and beautiful and intriguing out here. Towards the end of the hike I ended up stealing Packard's camera and took some sweet pictures of the landscape and the sun setting. I still find it hard to believe that I am in such a place like this. I don't ever want to leave, but it's the next step in our journey. I hope that Mt. Rushmore is just as exciting and awesome. ~Ashley Willis

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  1. You're in on of my favorite parts of the country now and I'm loving your descriptions! Keep writing and the fossils...awesome!

    Cheryl Larson