Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 5...Museums, Rushmore and Crazyhorse

Today we toured the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Geology Museum.  There are lots of fossils, rocks, minerals and natural history of the world.  From there we visited the Journey Museum which is dedicated to the history of the Black Hills.  The next leg of the trip took us to Crazy Horse where we learned about Native American History.  After setting up camp at the Rushmore KOA, we took in the night presentation at Mount Rushmore.  It was a very full day but well worth the time. ~Perez

Good day, really tiring, but I'm so glad I experienced it. The most memorable part of the day was probably the flag ceremony at Mt. Rushmore. They had veterans assist the park ranger in taking down the flag at closing time. Each one got to be recognized and it just made for a really patriotic experience. #Winning ~Jake Letner

All in all, this trip was probably one of the best experiences of my life. We made a lot of good memories and had some great experiences. It's something I will definitely miss.-Derek Scholes

This trip was really fun! Lots of memories, good food, and lots of pictures. It was a good thing that we got to work together before the trip. It helped us learn to work together.  ~Chelsea Baker

Ok so the museums were alright but I was very zoned out. Mount Rushmore was small, yet impressive. The showers at that campsite were freezing!! Crazy horse was massive, but unfinished. Devil's Tower amazed me because it was so big and a natural wonder! I loved being able to see it from our campsite. We had fun filming a lip-singing version of Bohemian Rhapsody. The rest of the trip we just drove alot and got stressed, annoyed, and bored out of our minds. The campsite in Colorado was pretty bad but we didn't care much since we got there late and left very early. It's very nice to be back home now. The trip was fun, and I hope to make a similar one in the future. The scenery was just incredible and unbelievable and I love that I got to see it all. All in all, it was an amazing experience. ~Ashley Willis

Thursday we went to the geology museum and looked at all the fossils and rocks. I loved that, the rocks were all different shapes and many many colors. That night we went to Mount Rushmore and looked at the new museum they had. There were some very cool things, they had a TV set up with seven buttons and when you pushed one it demonstrated the blast they used to help carve the mountain. Friday we went to crazy horse and the was really neat. You can take a rock from crazy horse where they are carving the mountain. I really like how it is a privately funded monument, not from the government. Friday afternoon we went to Devil's Tower and i liked that a lot. It was the first national monument so that was awesome and being silly and lip syncing Bohemian Rrhapsody that night. The last two days were mainly driving home. I am really glad i went, i had a ton of fun and made some close friends.~Emilee Jo

Day 5 was a very busy day for us. The best part about Crazy Horse was that you could actually see people working on the mountain. Mount Rushmore was very cool too. I expected it to be bigger, but it was still amazing to see. The next day we drove to Devils Tour and hiked a small trail around the base of it - Very beautiful scenery. I've never considered myself much of an outdoorsman - I'd never even camped in a tent before this trip. But overall, I'm very glad that I went. I had an amazing experience and made great memories. ~ Heidi L. Warlop

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